However, you can work with existing website by changing the content without knowledge of HTML and CSS.
Please check out the all features list.

Business Model


You can try out the  system without any risk by just registering with free sub domain.


Once you are satisfied with your free service (using sub domain), now it’s time to connect your domain with your website for free of charge.  Do not worry about the hosting and upgrading the latest software for W$F. We will take care of this, you just need to signup new domain  with third party domain registrars and point to our Name Servers in your DNS Management Tool.  Please feel free to ask support .  Please check it out the all the features for this package.


With all features included in free and basic, there will be additional features for this package.  Some of the main features are…
  • Full Cpanel Feature Access
  • Web Space
  • FTP Accounts
  • More bandwidth
  • Premium Support by EMAIL

Customization Package :

Our application provide all-must have features for the respective business needs, as well as a fresh visual appearance. Still, we are well aware that we cannot meet all clients requirements. This is why we offer both an additional script modification service for our application.
You can order our customization package with product add-ons in your member area.
Know more about our customization details.

Support Service :

Our dedicated customer support team is always here to help you.
You can't figure out how to manage your website with hosted us?  hard time to manage to get things done? Or you need a specific advice? Don't hold back to contact us anytime!
  1. Free Installation
  2. Free How-To Support
  3. Free Bug Fixing
  4. Free Non-Obligation Quotes
  5. Extra Support Services
Please visit to know more about our support service.

How it works?

Like many content management systems, allows you to customize CMS  and organize your content and data into logical way.  is similar to some other CMSs with a few conveniences (like the ability to add module, plugins and multilingual etc...)
Please visit our user guide to customize your website very user friendly.

Templates using SMARTY

Like any good CMS,  lets you use your own HTML/CSS/JS and use it as-is without having to create a theme or otherwise compromise a handsomely-coded set of templates.
To achieve this,  uses the smarty template engine to parse and display your website templates.
In addition to allowing you to use your own HTML & CSS, the advantage of smarty is that it’s fast and has a syntax that a non-developer can grok while also being flexible (and elegant) for a developer to use for advanced functionality.
To learn more about smarty, please click here...
To know more about template system in ,  please visit the link designers guide to create the templates in  system.

Why Use ?

  • Its free,  you will get fully functional website with moderate features using most stunning template . Just pay/buy  only for your domain (we are not offering the domain registration now J )
  • Our application provide all-must have features with a fresh visual appearance.
  • Do not worry about hosting/installation of your website. Just Signup and Get the website.
  • Perfect for freelancers, artists, bloggers and business websites.
  • There are no tricks, no limited trial periods—just free web hosting for your site forever.