Page Meta Title {$seo_page_meta_title }
Page Meta Title {$seo_page_meta_desc }
Page Meta Description {$seo_page_meta_keywords }
Template statics directory {$current_template_path_statics }
If any thems avaiable within template {$front_end_template_theme }
You can include the stylesheets reffered by any plugin or module by using following simple template code.
Note: This will work only if the plugin/module has followed the website4free guidelines.

To access the website's top navigation, simple use the folllowing code in your template file.

  • If you enabled the menu with showing sub menus, then it will display the submenus under parent level.
  • If you disabled the menu with not showing with sub menus, then it will display only parent level.
By default, the website4free cms system supports breadcrumb navigation.
  • The breadcrumb navigation wont show in home page.
  • You can simply modify the markup which suits your needs
The page content will be shown based on the page layout selected in administration side.
  • The website4free system supports three types of layouts
Contains different layouts of web pages.The template files are
a)one-column-full-page-width.tpl - no panels
b)two-columns-left-menu.tpl - panel will be left side
c)two-columns-right-menu.tpl - panel will be right side

Display Page Content - Template code

Aside panel supports widgets to display by each module.The aside panel will be included in page layout file. If the page has one page layout the aside panel wont be displayed in website.
Use the following code to display the all module specific widgets.
Sometimes, you will require to display the partial page like footer, some text information... You can use the following code to display the partial content.
Note: The page type should be partial status.
{page_content page_slug='footer_section' }
To display the plugin, please use the following code in yout template file or wysiwyg editor
			{plugin id="twitter_api"}

It will be very easier to develop the new template, if you copy the existing default template provided by website4free system.

Please use the following link to download the default template.

Download sample default template