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Free Installation

We provide a one-time FREE installation of our products on our hosting account when you signup for a subdomain free / paid package.

Free How-To Support

If you have questions related to the use of our products and cannot find the answers in our Help Resources, our support team is ready to assist you. Please note that we do not provide customization and programming lessons.

Free Bug Fixing

Our QA and Development teams do a really tough work to deliver bug-free products to the market, but let's face it - we are not robots! We take criticism positively. So, If you find a bug, please contact us and we'll fix it right away!

Free Non-Obligation Quotes

If you need any script modification, but are not that much into programming, we can advise you for free about the necessary changes, how much time it will take to perform the customization and what budget you should spare out.

Extra Support Services

You need a custom modification or other help outreaching our free support service?
If you are interested in our products, but it doesn't fully meet your requirements, Or need to integerate third party scripts, we can modify it, so that it perfectly fits your website and business needs. Contact us and we'll discuss your web project.