Creating a template

Whether your using an existing default template or building your own, creating your own templates is an essential skill you have to learn when you want to change the layout of your website. Please refer the following documentation for learning/creating a template in website4free system.

We assume you know how to create template, smarty template engine and guidelines to create a new template system.


Create Template

All template files which come with a theme are located in/templates/your_custom_template_name_folder/. A template folder should consist of required tmplate files (*.tpl files) mentioned in the guidelines. Please refer the guidelines.

When you're editing not your own template it may be easier to copy an existing template  and start editing the copy.


Add to CMS

Once you created the template and you gonna want it to add to your current CMS setup. Go to the templates folder and copy the contents to /templates/your_custom_template_name_folder/

You can set the template  in administration side to preview/modifiy. It is strongly recommened that, your template should be well tested in development mode before putting it on production/live mode.


Download Default Template

It will be very easier to develop the new template, if you copy the existing default template provided by website4free system.

Please use the following link to download the default template.

Download sample default template