Adding a web page is so simple in website4free system. Before you proceed, it is strongly advised to prepare the content of your webpage. When adding a new page, you can able to create a new page or child page under any parent page. The following (all) fields are mandatory to create a web page.

Page Title
The title of your web page. If you preferred to show to it in top navigation menu, please make it simple and sweet.

Page META SEO Keywords
Give the relevant keywords for your content. Your Keywords are key words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines.

Page META SEO Description
Give proper and short description of your web page in this field. It provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages. Meta descriptions are commonly used on search engine result pages to display preview snippets for a given page.

Page Content
Your web page content. It is strongly advised to use the following rules for adding content.

  • a) No inline CSS style(s) and JavaScript codes are not allowed.
  • b) No HTML5 tags are not allowed.
  • c) The Content HTML should be well-formed, semantically correct and generally valid.

Select Parent Category
Your web page content. It is strongly advised to use the following rules for adding content.

Page Template Layout
Select the web page template layout for webpage. There are three layouts of web pages available.
One Page Layout : Display the content in full width only. i.e. The entire page.
Two Columns: It is a kind of blog layout page.
Two Columns – left side panel : Show the aside panel in left side and content in right side.
Two Columns – right side panel : Show the aside panel in right side and content in left side.

  Note: For consistency of web pages of your website, always prefer to choose one type of two columns template.

Show Page Title in frontend site
This option is used to display the title in frontend website.

Page Status
If you do not want to display the page in frontend website, just make it inactive status.

Show Navigation
This option is used to include the navigation link in top navigation menu in frontend website. This is very useful to create a single page concept and it is accessible by direct link only.

a)   Be aware of the page functionality (add/edit) for selected language.
b)   If you create a new web page, it will be added to all available languages. This is very useful to edit the content in many languages.

The Screenshot for add/edit webpage content...
Add Edit Webpage Content